Ansible playbooks for setting up a Kubernetes Raspberry Pi 3 cluster.
Lavagna is an open-source issue/project management tool designed for small teams. Lightweight, pure Java, easy to install, easy to use.
Docker container for Lavagna
Docker container for Lavagna, the best way to deploy Lavagna without effort.
Website of the team, me and two other friends, behind Lavagna.
Dynamic Shooting
DynamicShooting is an app for practical shooters to track their shooting matches.
Gluten Free Switzerland
"Gluten Free Switzerland" is a complete guide that allows you to quickly browse all the restaurants that offer gluten-free food.
Website built with Joomla for the Swiss Italian Coeliac Association.
This is another small website that I made for my gun range.
Range Buddy
Range Buddy is the perfect app for gun enthusiasts to track both their collection of firearms and their performance at the range.
Jekyll Watermark plugin
This is a plugin for Jekyll that is designed to watermark all your images.
AutoCover is a Continuous Testing Add-in for Visual Studio. It automatically builds and tests your solution and gives feedback on which line is covered.