I just discovered Vagrant thanks to a great talk of Thijs Feryn at the Techorama. If you don’t know it Vagrant is a software to “Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments” and since I wanted to test different databases without having to install them on my machine I decided to try it.

Unfortunately, as a beginner, I wasn’t able to find good examples: on Vagrant Cloud you may find pre configured boxes but I didn’t really understood how Vagrant works. Other tutorials were quite simple and didn’t really show how to setup a PostgreSQL / MySQL VM. For this reason I created a GitHub repository that shows a default configuration for the 2 VMs: https://github.com/digitalfondue/vagrant-vms. This repository contains a Vagrantfile with 2 VMs that can be booted separately and are provisioned by Puppet. You’ll find more explanations on the GitHub page.