Work Items

Simone Grignola

What is a Work Item?

Team Foundation has work item tracking features designed to assist enterprise software development teams to manage their work and software defect tracking.


Require Comments and Work Items

Change Team Project Settings - Source Control... to:

Enable group Work Items

  1. Install Team Foundation Server Power Tools.

  2. VS 2010 => Tools => Process Editor => Work Item Types => Open WIT from Server.

  3. Edit "Assigned To" filed by adding ALLOWEDVALUES with Value "[Project\Contributors]" or any other TFS group.

  4. Remove VALIDUSER.

  5. Save and close.

Change check-in action

By default at every check-in the work item is marked as "Resolved".

In order to prevent this set the following registry key to "False" on your development machine:



 Work Items

View Work Items

Open "My Work Items" or "All Work Items" from Team Explorer.

Add a new Work Item

Right click on "Work Items" to create a new item.

Fill at least the "Title" and "Assigned to" fields.


Insert a comment and associate one or more work items before doing check-in.

Check linked Changeset

Open the Work Item and look at the "Links" tab: you'll find here the associated Changesets here.